Submission steps for photographers:

1. Write a short bio describing yourself, your photography style and why you wish to freelance for Kinfolk. Also please let us know if you have been previously published and, if so, where. It is important for us to get an in-depth feel for your shooting style, as well as hear what you might be interested in photographing for Kinfolk.

2. Submit your photo essay/story ideas: this should include a 200 word abstract, any relevant website links and supporting sample photographs. Please do not shoot and submit new photo essays ahead of time: if we like your idea, we'll commission it then. If you are submitting a series that has already been completed, it must have not been published elsewhere previously (including online). If you have multiple ideas, please submit them in one submission.

3. Please either provide a link to your previous work or attach samples as a .pdf.

Thank you! We can't wait to see your ideas.